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City of St.Albert

Street Cleaning

UPDATE: May 11th 2017 - City street sweeping is now complete. Should you have any questions or concerns please contact Public Works (780) 459-1557.

Every year Public Works conducts spring cleanup which includes the following major activities:

  • Arterial boulevard cleaning & street sweeping
  • Collector boulevard cleaning & street sweeping
  • Residential street sweeping
  • Litter control.

Residential street sweeping and collector boulevard cleaning and sweeping are scheduled annually to begin in mid-April. All residential collectors and local streets are usually completed by the end of May, weather permitting. Public Works sweeps residential neighbourhoods on a rotational basis. That is, neighbourhoods which were swept first last year will be lower in the rotation this year and vice-versa.

Residential Street Sweeping Schedule 2017

Spring 2017 Street Sweeping Information

Public Works will complete the following activities through the course of its spring cleanup and maintenance operations:

1). Arterial Boulevard Cleaning and Street Sweeping.

2). Collector Boulevard Cleaning and Collector / Residential Street Sweeping.

3). Litter Control.

4). Pothole Patching.

Some downtown sweeping and arterial centre median cleaning has begun, while major arterial boulevard cleaning and street sweeping is scheduled to start the week of Apr. 10 and is expected to be completed the week of May 7. These dates are contingent on favourable weather conditions.

Night-time Operations
Night-time crews will be working between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. Residents backing onto arterial roadways may experience some related noise. This inconvenience will only last a short time.

Collector boulevard cleaning and residential / collector street sweeping
Collector boulevard cleaning and residential / collector street sweeping is scheduled to start the week of Apr. 18.  All residential and collector streets will be cleaned during the day (7 a.m. to 5 p.m.) and are scheduled to be completed the week of May 14  . These dates are also contingent on favourable weather conditions.

Residential Neighbourhoods

Public Works will be sweeping residential neighbourhoods on a rotational basis. Please keep in mind if your rotation falls on a waste pick up day we will commence the sweeping the next day. This year, street sweeping will commence in the following order:

1. Inglewood/Ironwood 9. Sturgeon Heights
2. Erin Ridge 10. Lacombe Park/East/Estates
3. Woodlands 11. Forest Lawn
4. Kingswood 12. North Ridge
5. Oakmont 13. Akinsdale
6. Heritage Lakes 14. Pineview/Parkwood
7. Grandin 15. Braeside
8. Mission/Riverside 16. Deer Ridge

For more information:
Please contact Public Works at 780-459-1557. 

General Info
Signs are placed at the entrances to the neighbourhoods in advance of the cleaning equipment moving into the area. These signs direct residents to keep their vehicles off of the street so that a complete and thorough job of street sweeping can occur so as to limit the need to ‘re-do’ missed areas.

Roadway street sweeping continues throughout the summer months along arterials and collector streets as needed.

Spring cleanup information:
Posted in the City Lights section in the Gazette or you can contact Public Works at 780-459-1557 for more information.

Nighttime Operations

Nighttime sweeping has proved to be very successful for Public Works as City crews are able to sweep boulevards along arterial roads and center medians of the highway during the night.

This operation is beneficial because:

  • It allows crews to operate more safely and efficiently.
  • There is less traffic during the night for a safer environment for crews.
  • There are minimal traffic disruptions.
  • It allows crews to complete sweeping earlier than relying solely on daytime operations.

Please note there may be some noise disruptions for those residents backing onto arterial roadways for a short period of time. Residents' patience and understanding is greatly appreciated.

Litter Control

Each year, Public Works initiates a Spring Clean Up program with a round of litter picking at all entranced roadways in St. Albert. This cycle continues throughout the year and expands in to the summer months when Public Works has many casual staff out in the field.

Last edited: May 11, 2017

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