Tree Care

How does the City care for our trees?

  1. The City’s seven certified Arborists ensure best tree care practices are used for regular and preventative maintenance for our approximately eighty-thousand planted trees on public property.
  2. The St. Albert Urban Forest Management Plan (PDF) provides a framework for managing planted and naturally occurring vegetation in our urban forest.
  3. The City is responsible for planting, maintaining, and replacing public trees along residential boulevards, buffers, parks, and arterial roadways in established neighbourhoods. In newly developed areas, tree maintenance is sometimes the responsibility of the developer for a set amount of time before the City assumes care for the trees.
  4. Tree pruning takes place to ensure tree health, as well as ensuring traffic sightlines are unobstructed. Sightlines are protected by crown-raising so that branches do not interfere with vehicle or pedestrian traffic.
  5. When the City removes dead or diseased trees to slow or stop the spread of disease, trees that present a risk to people and property are prioritized first.

How can you care for our trees?

  1. Do not “climb, deface, break or cut down any tree,” as outlined in the Parks Bylaw (1965).
  2. Request an assessment of a public tree if it requires immediate attention outside of the five-year pruning cycle, such as to address broken branches, disease, pest, or safety risks. All issues can be reported to the Spruce It Up App, or by calling 780-459-1557.
  3. If you remove infected branches of a diseased tree on private property yourself, please bring them to the Compost Depot and place them in the diseased woodpile for proper disposal. These trees and branches are then incinerated to prevent the spread of tree disease.
  4. If you spot any interesting bugs on nearby trees, take a picture if possible and submit it online. Residents are more likely to find new pests before city crews.
  5. Rake leaves, seeds and other debris that may be naturally shed by your trees and place in your Green Organics Cart.

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Last edited: February 24, 2022