Tree Services


The City of St. Albert replaces trees removed on boulevards during the year the following summer, budget permitting. The City will review areas that require replacement and trees are ordered from various tree nurseries in the area.


  • Planting and maintaining replacement trees along residential boulevards, buffers, parks, and arterial roadways.

Homeowners are encouraged to water new trees that are planted to help ensure survival.

Tree Maintenance

The City prunes City-owned trees year-round on a 5 year tree maintenance cycle. Residents may request an assessment of their public tree if there is a matter of immediate attention. Work will be prioritized and scheduled if critical. The following responsibilities provide the scope of the programs offered and are listed in priority ranking:


  • Pruning trees to ensure roadway and traffic sight lines are clear and traffic signs and signals are plainly visible. This program visits all areas of the City twice a year to ensure that traffic signals and signs are unobstructed.
  • Crown raising involves pruning to ensure that low branches are high enough to avoid interfering with vehicle and pedestrian traffic on roads and sidewalks. This is a major project and crews attempt to keep to a cyclic program of crown raising through all City roadways and residential areas.
  • Sanitation pruning is the removal of dead and diseased wood to stop or slow the spread of disease.
  • Structural pruning entails the removal of competing leaders, badly joined branches, and various unsound growth habits. This ensures that the tree can develop in a strong, healthy and tall form. In this area, crews mainly work with younger trees, where the most benefit is gained from the time spent.

Trimming Around Power Lines


One of the main priorities for tree removal within the City is to ensure that safety of our residents and property is met. Those trees that are dead and/or dying and that could potentially hurt or injure people and/or adjacent properties are inspected and removed. Those trees that are taken out will be placed on the list for replacement in the future subject to current engineering standards and utility locates.


  • Pruning or removing trees that present risk or liability to the public.
  • Removing badly broken, dead or dying trees, including those in natural areas that may pose a risk to people or adjacent private properties.

Natural Areas

Natural areas are dealt with if they are determined to be a safety issue. The City proactively assesses natural areas for hazards although concerns can be reported at anytime to Public Works.

Reporting Damaged, Broken or Diseased Trees

If you would like to report a tree that needs to be trimmed or if it is damaged, broken, or diseased please report the issue online or call 780-459-1557. These requests are recorded and sent to the appropriate section. They will then be inspected and scheduled for repair based on their level of severity.

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Last edited: February 24, 2022