Solar Farm

Chief Administrative Officer Kevin Scoble explains the rationale for the solar farm, where we are at in the process and how the borrowing bylaw fits in.

To see the questions and answers following the presentation, watch the video of the August 30 Council Meeting.

A message from Mayor Cathy Heron about the Solar Farms.

Why propose a solar farm?

To minimize tax increases and maintain existing services, we need to identify new, non-taxation sources of revenue to generate approximately $6 million a year. If we don’t, we will need to consider significant annual increases in taxes (an estimated 5 per cent) in order to continue to provide the programs, services and amenities our residents enjoy.

The City of St. Albert is considering building a solar farm to generate revenue, provide a sustainable source of power for our community, and undertake an environmentally friendly project on land that is less suitable for other purposes.

Has this been done in other communities?

Several small and mid-sized Alberta municipalities, including Sexsmith, Vulcan, Bon Accord and Innisfail, have successfully implemented solar farms as revenue-generating projects that financially benefit residents.

The City of Medicine Hat failed so why do we think we can do it?

The St. Albert proposal is using a very different technology to what Medicine Hat tried. The St Albert proposal is about photovoltaic solar panels that produce DC electricity, which is converted to AC through the use of an inverter. Medicine Hat piloted a very different experimental technology.

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Last edited: September 3, 2021