Public Input

Isn’t a public hearing required for a borrowing bylaw?

The Municipal Government Act (MGA) does not require municipalities to hold a public hearing for a borrowing bylaw. The City values input from residents but do not need to hold a public hearing for residents to share their point of view with Council. During a public hearing, or during a regular Council meeting, presenters have the same five minutes to address Council regarding any item on the agenda. There is no difference if there is a public hearing or not.

How can I share my point of view?

To address Council on August 30, please follow the steps outlined on the instructions page.

You can also contact Council at any time. Contact information for the Mayor and Councillors is available online.

What does the Mayor have to say?

The Mayor has been receiving a number of questions regarding the solar farm. She addresses the most common questions in this brief video.

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Last edited: August 20, 2021