Where would the solar farm be built?

View of the Badger Lands areaThe recommended location for the solar farm is in the City’s northwest in an area known as the Badger Lands. This location was chosen for several reasons. The land is owned by the City and is considered a brownfield site, due to salt contamination from past snow storage operations. There would be no need for the City to do a costly clean-up of the site prior to a solar farm being constructed. Other uses would require remediation of the site before any development could proceed. Remediation is expected to cost between $15 million and $25 million depending on the level of contamination discovered.

View a location map for the Proposed Solar Farm

Why not lease the land to a private organization to operate?

Leasing the land to someone else to operate a solar farm is an option, as is forming a partnership to share the costs and profits, but these alternatives would provide far less revenue for the City. These types of opportunities will be considered further, later in the process.

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Last edited: August 20, 2021