Municipal Energy Corporation (MEC)

Does a solar farm mean the City has to form a Municipal Energy Corporation? 

No, they are related but are two different things. The City is considering the proposed solar farm as a stand-alone project whether or not we decide to move ahead with a potential Municipal Energy Corporation. Right now, the only thing being considered is if the solar farm is a good project for the City. If the construction of the solar farm moves ahead, it would become an asset owned by the City. 

If the City decides to move ahead with a Municipal Energy Corporation in the future, at that point the City would do a separate analysis to determine if the solar farm would be better continuing as a City asset or as an asset of the Municipal Energy Corporation.  

No work has been done on a potential Municipal Energy Corporation since June 2021 and no further work will be done until sometime in the fall of 2022. Council will not consider proceeding with a Municipal Energy Corporation until the new year. If Council does decide to pursue the formation of a Municipal Energy Corporation, this process would require a public hearing as specified in the Municipal Government Act

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Last edited: August 20, 2021