Next Steps

What is happening on August 30? 

At the August 30, 2021 City Council meeting, a borrowing bylaw will be considered for second and third reading. If passed, the borrowing bylaw would provide the City with the authority, but not the final approval to borrow money to finance the construction of the solar farm at some point in the future.  

Approval of a borrowing bylaw does not necessarily mean the City will borrow the full amount or any money at all. Council gives the City approval to borrow at the time the Growth Capital Budget is approved. This approval would need to take place as part of the City’s 2022 budget process in the fall of 2021. Only if the 2022 Growth Capital Budget, inclusive of the solar farm project, is approved by Council could the City go to tender and request bids for construction of a solar farm. 

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Last edited: August 23, 2021