Taxes and Services

What happens if the solar farm does not move ahead? 

If Council decides not to proceed with a solar farm, the City will not do any further work on this project. Through the Planning Forward: Setting the Context public participation opportunity, community members provided the City with additional suggestions to generate new revenue streams. The City will evaluate these suggestions to determine if any look promising. If none of the ideas submitted is feasible, and no new revenue sources are found, St. Albertans need to prepare themselves for a significant tax increase and/or reductions to the services we offer and the extent to which we offer them.  

What happens if the City does not generate any new revenue?  

In the absence of new revenue streams, Council will have two levers: increasing taxes or reducing services and service levels, to arrive at a solution: 

  • significantly increase taxes by at least five per cent annually, not on a one-time basis, which is higher than annual historical levels of 1.8 per cent over the past 10 years, to maintain current services levels and address infrastructure deficits 
  • decrease service levels to mitigate tax impacts and address capital deficits 
  • choose a combination of higher than inflationary tax increases and service level reductions 

Last edited: August 23, 2021