Local Route Restructuring Project


St. Albert Transit operates both a local route network within St. Albert, and a commuter route network into Edmonton. St. Albert’s current local transit network has been adjusted over the years to accommodate new neighbourhoods; however, it remains virtually unchanged since 2001. 

Feedback from transit riders and residents suggests that the local network in many ways provides satisfactory access to the commuter routes at the transit stations but is difficult to navigate, or too time-consuming, for travel to destinations within St. Albert, particularly with respect to cross-quadrant travel (ex, northwest neighborhoods to the southeast areas). With the coming of the new Campbell Road Transit Centre and Park and Ride, the local routes will have to be adjusted accordingly to service this new facility. As such, the opportunity exists to restructure the local network not only to serve the new park and ride, but to address a number of the other concerns and challenges that have been raised, and to potentially create a network that better meets the needs of a broader spectrum of St. Albert residents and businesses - to create a network that provides greater accessibility for employees, students, seniors, and commuters, and ultimately grows overall ridership.

Public Consultation

Steps have and will be taken to gain the feedback of transit users and St. Albert residents at large with respect to the local service.    

  • Passenger Satisfaction Survey/System Review – Completed Fall 2018
    A comprehensive survey of passengers and their level of satisfaction with various components of the system, as well as an assessment of service performance, including schedule adherence, and passenger usage.
  • Local Transit Advisory Committee – First Quarter of 2019
    Comprised of residents, transit users and City Administration, the Local Transit Advisory Committee will review and provide input into the new proposed local route design for Council’s consideration.
  • Open Houses – Third Quarter 2019
    The City will host open houses seeking residents input into potential new local transit routes before completing recommendations for Council’s approval

Local Transit Advisory Committee

Call for Participation

The City will be forming a Local Transit Advisory Committee that will advise and provide advocacy on future route design and service provision. The Advisory Committee will consist of residents, transit users, and representatives of several City departments. Once formed, the Transit Advisory Committee will meet approximately once per month for approximately one year. 

Two Residents from St. Albert are Needed

The Committee is currently seeking, but will not be limited to, two residents of St. Albert fitting the following description:

  1. Post-Secondary Transit User
    A St. Albert resident that primarily utilizes a transit to commute to and from a post-secondary institution.
  2. Regular Transit User (local and Commuter)
    A St. Albert resident who makes regular use of Transit for local travel or commuter travel into Edmonton. The Committee may seek representatives of sub-groups within this definition, such as employees or seniors.  

How To Apply

If you are interested in serving on the Local Transit Advisory Committee, please let us know by way of e-mail to transit@stalbert.ca.

Next Steps

Administration will be presenting preliminary Local Transit Route designs to Council the fourth quarter of 2019.

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Last edited: November 24, 2019