Local & Commuter Fares

Arc is now available to Standard Adult fare riders and Student fare riders.  Discounted fare options will be available for eligible riders in 2024.  Paper tickets and passes are still available to all riders.  Visit myarc.ca for more information.

Please be advised that riders choosing to board buses at the Nakî Transit Centre, for trips going into Edmonton, will be required to pay the St. Albert Transit commuter fares.  If riders are using an Edmonton Transit fare product, zone fees will apply.

Local and commuter tickets with a 2021 or 2022 expiration date will be accepted as valid fare throughout 2023 & 2024.

Local (within St.Albert)

Rider TypeCashTickets (x10)Month Pass
Adult (19+ years)$3.25$25.50$76.00
Seniors (65+ years)$3.25$25.50$41.80
Youth (13-18 years)FreeFreeFree
Child (0-12 years)*FreeFreeFree

Value Comparison

Rider TypeCashTickets (x10)Month Pass**
Adult$3.25 / ride$2.55 / ride$1.90 / ride
Seniors$3.25 / ride$2.55 / ride$1.04 / ride

* Reccomended that children 12 and under are accompanied by an adult  /  ** Assuming 20 round-trips a month

Commuter (between St. Albert and Edmonton)

Rider TypeCashTickets (x10)Month Pass
Adult (19+ years)$6.00$43.20$119.00
Seniors (65+ years)$5.00$43.20$65.00
Student (13+ years)***$5.00$43.20$107.00
All Aboard Passn/an/a$41.80
Child (0-12 years)*FreeFreeFree

Value Comparison

Rider TypeCashTickets (x10)Month Pass**
Adult$6.00 / ride$4.32 / ride$2.97 / ride
Seniors$5.00 / ride$4.32 / ride$1.62 / ride
Student$5.00 / ride$4.32 / ride$2.67 / ride
All-Aboardn/an/a$1.04 / ride

* Reccomended that children 12 and under are accompanied by an adult  /  ** Assuming 20 round-trips a month / *** Valid student identification required

Available Passes

Student Commuter Pass

The Student Commuter pass is available for students residing in St. Albert and attending school in Edmonton, including publicly funded Post-Secondary Institutions or for residents of Edmonton attending school in St. Albert. A valid registration ID is required.

Student U-PASS

U-Pass programs are a group transit pass purchase that gives students enrolled in participating post-secondary institutions unlimited access to local regular transit as well as regional transit services. Through a partnership of participating transit systems, the pass is offered to students at a participating institution, as a group. 

Starting January 1, 2022, only Arc cards will be accepted as proof of payment for students participating in the U-Pass program.  Students at NAIT can continue to use their valid student ID to tap on and off buses and the LRT.

Learn more about the Arc Card and Smart Fare program

Participating post-secondary institutions:

University of Alberta

MacEwan University




All Aboard Pass

The All Aboard Pass is available to eligible recipients (AISH program participants and lower-income households) who reside within St. Albert.

All Aboard Pass details

Where to Buy

Note that many of the locations below won't offer every pass type, please read the notes following the table for guidance.

7-Eleven23 Akins Drive
7-Eleven1 Giroux Road (at St. Albert Trail)
7-Eleven71 Liberton Drive (near St. Albert Trail)
7-Eleven220 St. Albert Trail (at Green Grove)
Liggett Place235 Carnegie Drive
London Drugs (St. Albert Centre)375 St. Albert Trail (near Bellerose)
Petro Canada174 St. Albert Trail (at Gate Avenue)
Petro Canada770 St. Albert Trail (by Wine & Beyond)
Shoppers Drug Mart140 St. Albert Trail (near Gervais Road)
Shoppers Drug Mart392 St. Albert Trail (near McKenney)
St. Albert Place (City Hall)5 St. Anne Street

Senior and Student Local and Commuter passes are only available at the St. Albert Transit office, St. Albert Place, and Shoppers Drug Mart locations.

The All Aboard Pass is only available from the City of St. Albert Subsidy Coordinator.  Please see All Aboard Pass Details.

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Last edited: January 16, 2024