How Arc Works

  • Customers will be able to use an Arc card to tap on/off transit and pay a flat fee for their trip. 
  • A fare cap will ensure no customer will pay more than a maximum amount over a certain period.  
  • Money added to their online Arc account will be available immediately.
  • If customers lose their registered Arc card, they can transfer their account balance to a new card.

The Arc Card Advantage

The advantage of using an Arc card is that, as long as customers tap off within the 90-minute travel window, the fare will count toward a daily or monthly cap. For example, in Phase 1, this cap is a $116 monthly cap for St. Albert regular adult commuter fare.

After a customer reaches their monthly cap, they will ride for free for the remainder of the day or month. This encourages customers to purchase and use an Arc card, and rewards frequent transit riders.

Illustration of a bus, Arc validator and LRT.

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Last edited: June 7, 2021