Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions about Arc below.

Where can I find an Arc card vending machine?

Arc Card Vending Machines are being installed throughout the LRT network in Edmonton and at key regional transit transfer locations (including Edmonton’s Kingsway Transit Centre, the Naki Transit Centre in St. Albert, the Bethel Transit Terminal and Ordze Transit Centre in Strathcona County, and at the Edmonton International Airport). These machines are turned off and will not be activated until the Arc pilot begins later this summer. All locations provided below:

ETS - all LRT stations

St. Albert - Naki Transit Centre

ETS - West Edmonton Mall Transit Centre

Fort Saskatchewan - Dow Rec Centre

ETS - Mill Woods Transit Centre

Strathcona County - Bethel Transit Terminal

ETS - Edmonton International Airport

Strathcona County - Ordze Transit Centre

How do the Arc Card vending machines work? How can we pay?

Riders will be able to use these vending machines to buy Arc cards, add money to their Arc account, check account balances, or purchase other products, like single-use Arc tickets. Riders will be able to pay with cash, credit or debit cards.


Where can I find an Arc card vendor?

A list of municipal locations and third-party vendors that sell Arc cards and Arc tickets will be available this fall on the website (in development).

What is an Arc ticket?

Arc tickets act like a temporary Arc card and are used in the same way. Riders will be able to purchase single-use Arc tickets, tap on and off buses and LRT and enjoy their ride. An Arc ticket serves the same purpose as a paper transit ticket.

Why did you choose the Arc name?

We did a lot of research to identify names that would encompass the purpose of our program and weren’t already in use. After we narrowed down the choices, we held public focus groups. Arc symbolizes forging a path between two points - much like how transit connects us to vital services, each other, and our region. An arc can literally be a continuous movement between points from A to Z. But it’s also a symbol of continuity, growth and momentum.

Last edited: December 16, 2021