Project Timeline

Early Launch

The first group of riders to use Arc launched in fall 2021 as students at post-secondary institutions participating in U-Pass became the first eligible group to use the new system.

Pilot Testing: Starting 2021

When launched, this pilot will include the first group of riders to be eligible to use the full Arc system. They will put money into an online Arc account that is linked to the Arc card, and then they tap on/tap off buses and LRT stations as they ride anywhere in all 7 participating regions. 

Using Arc is voluntary and other riders can continue to pay for transit with monthly passes, paper tickets or cash.

Phase 2: Launches in 2022

The Arc program will be expanded to include:

  • Seniors
  • Youth
  • Junior/senior high school students
  • Customers eligible for low income passes
  • Those who use DATS, and
  • Regional paratransit services

Initial participation will be voluntary. Exact timing depends on the results of the Phase 1 roll out.

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Last edited: August 26, 2021