What is Smart Fare?

Across the retail world, consumers are able to pay for products and services electronically.  Smart Fare technology allows transit passengers to pay for their fare in the same modern fashion as they pay for nearly everything else they purchase. 

Transit customers will be able to set up an account which would allow them to purchase daily or monthly passes, top up accounts, transfer balances from lost or stolen cards, auto-reload accounts, or take advantage of reduced fares for seniors or students.  Accounts will also permit customers to view their trip history and if there are several transit riders in the same household, to set up multiple cards under one account.  

It will also make travel across the Edmonton Metropolitan Region easier for customers since one account could be used on all participating transit systems, including Edmonton, St. Albert, Strathcona County, and Leduc/Airport.

In order to facilitate electronic fare payment, it will be necessary to equip the buses in the St. Albert Transit and Strathcona County Transit fleets with new technology known as Smart Bus.  Edmonton Transit’s fleet is already equipped with this technology.   By utilizing similar technology across the region, transit customers will have access to a broader array of real-time transit information.   

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Last edited: November 19, 2019