Bike Racks

All StAT buses are fitted with bike racks

All regular St. Albert Transit buses are fitted with bike racks, allowing you to incorporate a bike trip with your transit ride. StAT is committed to providing environmentally-friendly travel, and offering the option to bring a bike along promotes this goal.

When Getting On

  1. Remove any loose items from your bike
  2. Squeeze handle to release latch then fold down the bike rack.
  3. Lift your bike onto the bike rack, fitting the tires into the wheel slots. Each slot is labelled for front and rear wheels. Please use the outside slot first.
  4. Pull the support arm out and up over the top of your front tire to secure your bike in place.
  5. Board the bus

When Getting Off

  1. Tell the driver you will be unloading your bike, then exit from the front door.
  2. Pull the support arm out and down over the tire to release it.
  3. Lift your bike out of the bike rack.
  4. Fold up the bike rack to the locked position if no one else is using it.
  5. Signal to the driver that you are clear of the bus.

Instructional Video


  1. It is the rider's responsibility to load and unload his/her bike.
  2. For your safety, please load and unload your bike from the curbside of the bus.
  3. Bike racks are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. If available spaces are taken, you will need to wait for the next bus.
  4. If a bike does not fit on the rack, the rider must find alternative ways to travel. Tires must be at least 16" in diameter.
  5. Please allow passengers with bicycles that are leaving to remove their bikes before loading another.
  6. A driver may refuse access to cyclists due to unsafe conditions or if your bike has any items on it that could obstruct the driver’s vision.
  7. Bicycles are not to be locked to the bike rack

All riders use the bike racks at their own risk and St. Albert Transit assumes no liability for lost or damaged bikes.

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Last edited: November 18, 2019