Safebus Program

Creating a safe place for persons in distress

All St. Albert Transit buses are a safe place for persons in distress. Day or night, children, youth or adults in need of immediate shelter or someone to contact emergency services can find such assistance on a StAT bus. Those in distress can flag down a bus or go to a parked bus and the bus operator will contact emergency services (if needed) and allow the person in distress to stay on the bus until help arrives.

People asking for help do not need money to get on a Safe Bus.

Those who may need assistance:

  • a lost child
  • a disoriented senior
  • a youth fleeing from bullies
  • someone who's injured
  • an adult fleeing a distressing situation

Illustration of the front of a bus that looks like it is smiling with the words Safe Bus above

What to do if you need assistance?

It will be easier to get a driver’s attention if you are at a bus stop, but if a bus stop is not close, people in need of assistance can stand on the sidewalk and wave their hands above their head. The operator will recognize this as a sign of distress and stop to help. Please remember that it is not safe to be in the roadway, so please use the sidewalk.

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Last edited: November 18, 2019