Cash or Tickets

Per Trip Cost - Effective February 1, 2019

Trip Cost
One-way trip within St. Albert $3.25 (exact change or one local ticket)
One-way trip to/from Edmonton

$6.00 (exact change or one commuter ticket)

Ticket Booklets

Local Tickets Commuter Tickets
$24.50 for a book of 10 $42.00 for a book of 10

Where to Buy

Both types of tickets can be purchased from the Handibus driver or at any of the following locations

Business Address
7-Eleven 23 Akins Drive
7-Eleven 1 Giroux Road (at St. Albert Trail)
7-Eleven 17 St. Anne Street (at St. Albert Trail)
7-Eleven 71 Liberton Drive (near St. Albert Trail)
7-Eleven 220 St. Albert Trail (at Green Grove)
Liggett Place 235 Carnegie Drive
London Drugs (St. Albert Centre) 375 St. Albert Trail (near Bellerose)
Petro Canada 174 St. Albert Trail (at Gate Avenue)
Petro Canada 770 St. Albert Trail (by Wine & Beyond)
Shoppers Drug Mart 140 St. Albert Trail (near Gervais Road)
Shoppers Drug Mart 392 St. Albert Trail (near McKenney)
St. Albert Place (City Hall) 5 St. Anne Street
  • Fare is required upon entry for each trip. Do not "owe" the fare or pay in advance for the second trip.
  • For patrons requiring a mandatory attendant, the mandatory attendant will need to travel with the patron at all times and will ride for free.
  • A fare is required from all companions (friend or family) accompanying registered users on the Handibus.
  • St. Albert Transit monthly passes, including U-Pass and AISH passes, are NOT accepted on Handibus.
  • Previous Handibus tickets sold will continue to be accepted as there is no expiry date.

St. Albert Transit Handibus aims to provide transit service when you need it, but it should not be treated like a taxi or an ambulance. St. Albert Transit reserves the right to amend, update or clarify Handibus Service program rules, guidelines or procedures at any time.

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Last edited: November 28, 2019