Drivers’ Responsibilities

Drivers will provide the following assistance:

  • Drivers shall secure wheelchairs and scooters in wheelchair restraint devices.
  • Drivers will assist passengers with shoulder straps and seat belts.
  • Drivers will assist, as necessary, riders on and off the vehicle and with travel between the vehicle and the inside of the first exterior accessible doors at the place of origin and/or destination. An accessible door is a door with no more than one step.
  • Drivers will ring the doorbell at residences (not apartment buildings).
  • Drivers will enter the designated pick-up door to make sure passengers are aware of their presence.
  • Drivers will help passengers up or down a maximum of one step.

Drivers will not:

  • Drivers will not go looking for patrons in malls, hospitals, offices, etc.
  • Drivers will not carry parcels or baggage, so clients must limit their possessions to those they can carry on their own.
  • Drivers will not make repairs or adjustments to client equipment.
  • Drivers will not wait more than 5 minutes past the booked trip time.

Patron Responsibilities

  • Be ready and waiting at the door for the bus at the prescribed pick-up time.
  • For the safety of patrons and drivers, it is essential that travel paths from doorways, sidewalks and driveways are clear of snow and ice.
  • Present their Handibus card to the driver when boarding the Handibus.

St. Albert Transit Handibus aims to provide transit service when you need it but it should not be treated like a taxi or an ambulance.  St. Albert Transit reserves the right to amend, update or clarify Handibus Service program rules, guidelines or procedures at any time.

Last edited: September 17, 2018