Park and Ride FAQ

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about our Park and Ride system.

Where can I Park & Ride in St. Albert?

Approximately 500 permitted Park & Ride stalls are available adjacent to the Village Transit Station, which is located on Gate Avenue and Grange Drive. The majority are free, but those owned by the St. Albert Inn & Suites are available for $4/day. This Park & Ride Map indicates permitted parking locations. Please ensure that you comply with the parking signage in these areas, as adjacent commercial property owners can enforce 'Customer-Only' parking. St. Albert Transit is not responsible for tickets issued for private property violations.

Is parking available for transit patrons at St. Albert Centre Exchange?

There is limited parking available for Transit patrons at St. Albert Centre Exchange in designated stalls only. The mall parking lot is private property and anyone parking outside of the designated areas can expect to be tagged and towed. The landlord of the St. Albert Centre is obligated to abide by parking ratio requirements outlined in legal agreements with stores. Parking ratios are non-negotiable and are a nation-wide shopping centre requirement. In addition, the landlord is legally unable to charge fees for parking at the site. Please view the attached map which identifies the Transit parking stalls.

How much does it cost to Park & Ride?

All permitted Park & Ride stalls owned by the City of St. Albert, Village Landing and the Christian Reform Church are available free of charge on a first-come, first-serve basis for StAT patrons. The approximately 190 stalls owned by the St. Albert Inn & Suites are available for $4/day. A parking voucher can be purchased at a coin-operated dispenser each day. See the map for full details as to which stalls are free and which have a charge.

At what time of day am I likely to find permitted stalls available?

During the busiest months of the year for transit ridership (fall and winter), permitted stalls are typically available until shortly after 7:30 a.m. For customers choosing to use Park & Ride at Village Transit Station, please allow enough time to find a permitted stall and to safely board your bus. Commonly, between 7:30 a.m. and 8:00 a.m., all permitted parking spaces are occupied. We advise customers wishing to Park & Ride later than this time to consider alternative options in order to avoid potential disappointment.

What are my current alternative options?

Although Park & Ride is a convenient option, we encourage customers to use local StAT routes, where possible, to avoid disappointment if parking is not available. Local routes will get you to the Village Transit Station or St. Albert Centre Exchange punctually, with reliable onward connections to commuter destinations.

If you cannot use your local route and must Park & Ride once all permitted spaces are filled, you can try to park at other City facilities and use the local route from there. For instance, ample parking is available at Servus Place and you can use the A11 or A12 to transfer to a commuter bus at the Village Transit Station.

Is there still a shuttle from the Akinsdale/Kinex Arena?

No, due to low ridership, St. Albert City Council voted to discontinue the Trial Shuttle as of December 2009.

How is the shortfall in Park & Ride capacity being addressed?

StAT has received feedback from Park & Ride users about the limited availability of permitted stalls. We acknowledge and understand these concerns.

The City of St. Albert is committed to developing convenient Park & Ride options for our growing ridership. It is worth noting that only one-fifth (23 per cent) of StAT riders currently choose to Park & Ride and, as the City explores future solutions, it is important that changes do not inconvenience the vast majority of StAT riders (68 per cent) who ride their local route from home. Several options have been examined and, based on feedback from our riders, the City is currently progressing with plans for a potential Park & Ride located at the new intersection of St. Albert Trail and Anthony Henday Drive. The City will endeavour to keep our transit riders up to date on this project, along with other StAT news.

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Last edited: November 18, 2019