Park and Ride FAQ

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about our Park and Ride system.

Where can I Park & Ride in St. Albert?

There are 800 parking stalls available at the Naki Transit Centre & Park and Ride which is located at 15520 Campbell Road.  There is also a limited number of parking stalls available for transit patrons at the St. Albert Centre Exchange.  Please be sure to park in the designated parking stalls only as vehicles parked outside of the designated parking stalls will be ticketed.

Is parking available for transit patrons at St. Albert Centre Exchange?

There is limited parking available for Transit patrons at St. Albert Centre Exchange in designated stalls only. The mall parking lot is private property and anyone parking outside of the designated areas can expect to be tagged and towed. The landlord of the St. Albert Centre is obligated to abide by parking ratio requirements outlined in legal agreements with stores. Parking ratios are non-negotiable and are a nation-wide shopping centre requirement. In addition, the landlord is legally unable to charge fees for parking at the site. Please view the attached map which identifies the Transit parking stalls.

How much does it cost to Park & Ride?

All permitted Park & Ride stalls located at the Naki Transit Centre & Park and Ride and at St. Albert Centre Exchange are free of charge.

At what time of day am I likely to find permitted stalls available?

During the busiest months of the year for transit ridership (fall and winter), permitted stalls are typically available until shortly after 7:30 a.m. at the St. Albert Centre Exchange.  There is ample parking available for transit riders at the Naki Transit Centre & Park and Ride.

What are my current alternative options?

Although Park & Ride is a convenient option, we encourage customers to use local StAT routes, where possible.

Is there still a shuttle from the Akinsdale/Kinex Arena?

No, due to low ridership, St. Albert City Council voted to discontinue the Trial Shuttle as of December 2009.

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Last edited: August 9, 2023