Village Transit Parking

St. Albert Transit provides approximately 350 Park & Ride stalls adjacent to the Village Transit Station. Fifty of these stalls are provided by way of an agreement with the Village Tree Mall, and 80 by the Christian Reformed Church. Another 190 are available on the grounds of the St. Albert Inn but for a daily fee of $4.00.

Village Transit Station Permitted Parking Locations

Transit customers choosing to park in the pay area will be required to purchase a ticket from a coin-operated dispenser each day. The permit dispenser will not accept debit or credit cards. The St. Albert Inn & Suites has identified the pay parking area with signage. Please make a note of these signs and park accordingly. Violators will be issued fines of $75 (reduced to $55 for early payment) by the St. Albert Inn & Suites. St. Albert Transit is not responsible for tickets issued for parking violations.

Though Park & Ride is convenient for some, St. Albert Transit strongly recommends that riders use their local route whenever possible.

Please note that the spaces requiring a daily parking fee are on private property owned and managed by the St. Albert Inn & Suites. The City of St. Albert does not have the authority to change this situation. Neither St. Albert Transit nor the City of St. Albert in any way share in the profits generated by these parking fees or parking fines.

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Last edited: November 18, 2019