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Akinsdale, Pineview and Campbell Business Park

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Peak Service

See Route A12 and Route A32 for additional trips.

Nakî Transit Centre
Arlington Dr / Akins Dr
Poirier Ave / Campbell Rd
Nakî Transit Centre

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4:14 pm4:21 pm4:24 pm4:38 pm
4:24 pm4:31 pm4:34 pm4:48 pm
4:44 pm4:51 pm4:54 pm5:09 pm
5:04 pm5:14 pm5:17 pm5:31 pm
5:24 pm5:34 pm5:37 pm5:51 pm
5:45 pm5:51 pm5:54 pm6:12 pm
6:06 pm6:11 pm6:14 pm6:33 pm
6:26 pm6:31 pm6:34 pm6:48 pm

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