Weekend Service

Routes, Schedules and Maps

The links below will take you to specific weekend route maps and schedules. Please see our Weekday Service page for service details. For general travel advice, check the Trip Planning Tips.

Commuter Routes

Routes 201 Saturday ›

Saturday service to Downtown Edmonton via Kingsway

Routes 201 Sunday ›

Sunday service to Downtown Edmonton via Kingsway

Routes 203 Saturday ›

Saturday service to Westmount and Kingsway Transit Centre (LRT)

Routes 205 Saturday ›

Saturday service to West Edmonton Mall

Local Routes

Routes A1, A4, A5 & A6 ›

Saturday service for Heritage Lakes, Grandin, Downtown, Mission, Lacombe, Deer Ridge, North Ridge and Ville-Giroux

Routes A7, A8, & A9 ›

Saturday service for Erin Ridge, Oakmont, Sturgeon Hospital, Braeside, Woodlands, Kingswood, Forest Lawn and Sturgeon

Routes A11 & A14 ›

Saturday service for Akinsdale, Pineview, Campbell, Woodlands, Downtown St. Albert, St. Albert Centre, Summit Centre, Sturgeon Hospital and Costco

Weekday Evening Dial-a-Bus

On-demand transit service is available on weekends within St. Albert. Learn more about this service.

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Last edited: July 26, 2020