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Welcome to St. Albert, the Botanical Arts City!

We value our beautiful natural environment, our extensive parks and trails, our active lifestyle and our commitment to building a green and sustainable future. We have a rich heritage of arts and culture, a variety of recreational opportunities and a strong sense of community. These are some of the things that have made us one of the best places to live, work and visit.

Founded in 1861, we are the oldest non-fortified community in Alberta. For over 150 years, generations of St. Albertans have worked together to create something special on the banks of the Sturgeon River. We are now home to 64,645 residents who have worked together to create a thriving city with a small town feel. 

The City of St. Albert employs a team of dedicated staff who are committed to providing residents, businesses and visitors with the programs, services and facilities they depend on. As our city continues to grow, we will incorporate the most innovative approaches while at the same time preserving those timeless qualities we value so much.

Interim Chief Administrative Officer Kerry Hilts

Interim Chief Administrative Officer
Kerry Hilts

I am pleased to lead such a strong team of staff as we move toward a promising future together.

My leadership style is based on the principles of being a servant leader. I believe in putting the needs of others first, and by helping others reach their goals and potential. I will continue to employ the “one city approach” to ensure we provide the best decisions possible.

Listening, empathy and community building are important to me, as we all work towards creating a stronger corporate culture. This approach has proven to be a strong foundation for developing and maintaining positive relationships.

Since joining the City of St. Albert in 2019, I have witnessed how passionate staff are about the city they serve, and this is a vital component of a strong and vibrant community. Finally, I encourage residents and businesses to be involved in the life of the city, and to utilize the many excellent programs, services and amenities we offer. St. Albert is a gem in the region with something special to offer every member of our community.

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Last edited: January 5, 2022