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Welcome on behalf of your City of St. Albert Team

St. Albert is a truly special place to work, live, visit and play. We pride ourselves on our community feel, friendly atmosphere and coexistence with nature. Our extensive trail network, numerous beautiful parks, diverse recreation opportunities and tremendous cultural and arts programs all support a happy, healthy, and fulfilling lifestyle. Our City is well planned, built and maintained with a focus on quality of life and sustainability for future generations.

St. Albert is not only a great place to live and play but also a great place to establish and grow a business. The City is poised to become a true economic hub for the region through ever increasing responsible investment, access to key transportation nodes and responsive, tailored planning and development processes that are second to none.

The City employs a team of motivated, dedicated people working together each and every day to deliver essential services to St. Albert residents, businesses and visitors alike, while also planning for the future to ensure that as we grow and evolve, we maintain and enhance everything that makes our City great. I am a firm believer that our duty as City of St. Albert staff is to serve St. Albertans. We are committed to doing our best on behalf of our City and our residents and businesses by being open and transparent, communicating effectively, fostering innovation, ensuring fiscal responsibility, supporting one another and continuously learning.

Chief Administrative Officer William Fletcher
Chief Administrative Officer
William Fletcher

I am privileged to be a part of such a tremendous team.

I encourage you to experience everything St. Albert has to offer and to be active and engaged today and in the future. We are united by our shared pride in, and love of, St. Albert.

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Last edited: November 2, 2023