Program Requirements

Prior to submitting an application, applicants must review the Environmental Initiatives Grant Program Administrative Procedures and City Council Policy.

Grant Application Form

The online application form is designed to be filled out electronically. This enables applicants to edit and add information more efficiently. Before you fill out the application, download and save the file to your computer.

Download the 2021 Environmental Initiatives Grant Application Form


October 7, 2021 October 28, 2021 November 2021
All applications must be submitted by 5 p.m. via email to Environmental Advisory Committee review applications and provide recommendations to City Council. Recommendations are presented to City Council. All applicants will be notified of the status of their application following this meeting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to apply for a grant?

  • A federally or provincially registered non-profit society or charitable organization operating in St. Albert
  • A school located in St. Albert
  • A community group of two or more St. Albert citizens who have come together for the purpose of undertaking an eligible project, either independently, or with a business or government partners in the community

How often is the grant program offered?

The City of St. Albert accepts applications in October and the grants are allocated once annually.

How do we get started?

Each applicant is required to contact the City of St. Albert Environmental Services department (780-459-1735) to discuss your project idea. This ensures your group's project is eligible for funding and aligns with the City environmental policies and plans. It also gives your group the opportunity to receive feedback from City staff and even generate ideas for other resources to help your group with project details.

What is considered an eligible expense?

An expense related to an eligible project may include:

  • Rental/purchase of equipment and supplies required to complete the project
  • Wages for professional services
  • Printing of brochures, educational material, etc
  • Advertising (radio, newspaper, signage, banners, etc)
  • Facility rental fees for special events
  • Airfare, accommodation and meal costs for instructors and speakers

My neighbours and I would like to naturalize some of the park space in our neighbourhood park by planting more trees and shrubs. Is this an eligible project?

Absolutely. However, to ensure the long-term success of planting projects, native plants must be used. For a list of trees and shrubs native to St. Albert please review the Native Plant list. For native plant suppliers in the region review the Potential Alberta Native Plant Supplier list.

My school would like to change a grassy area in our schoolyard into a more functional area for students to use during recess. Is this an eligible project?

Yes, however expenses for beautifying property will not be considered. Specifically landscaping or outdoor furniture funding requests like picnic tables or fencing materials to close off an area are not an eligible expense. If your project included native trees and shrubs this would be an eligible expense.

What are some examples of past projects that have received funding under the Environmental Initiatives Grant Program?

A selection of projects has been highlighted on the Environmental Initiatives Grant Program webpage. You can also view past grant recipients and projects on the Grant Recipients webpage.

Our group received an Environmental Initiatives Grant from the City last year. Are we eligible to apply this year?

Yes, required you have completed and submitted the final report showing sources of funding and costs or the project, including receipts. For more information on project reporting requirements please refer to the final report information page.

We have a project that is ongoing for a number of years. Can we expect to get the grant if we apply again?

Long-term projects are supportable on an annual basis but there is absolutely no guarantee of funding. As a rule of thumb, preference will normally be given to new project ideas.

If our grant application is successful, when can we expect to receive funding?

The City's Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC) reviews the applications on the fourth Thursday in October. At this meeting, the EAC recommends which projects will receive grant funding. These recommendations are brought to City Council for approval at their last meeting in November. Following Council approval, successful applicants will be required to sign a grant agreement. Once the grant agreement is signed,  funding will be received, which is typically January or February.

We received grant funding and are ready to start our project. What information do we need to keep track of while we are completing our project?

  • Starting in 2013, successful applicants are required to take a minimum of six photos according to the Guidelines for Submitting Photos that capture the progression and final stages of your project. So keep your camera handy!
  • Keep in mind some of the outcomes you are looking for in order to measure the success of your project. Take note of any lessons learned. All this information will help you fill out the final report at the end of your project.
  • File and keep track of all the receipts and expenses related to your project. You will also need this information to fill out the final report.

What documents are we required to provide to the City of St. Albert after our project is complete?

You have within 60 days of project completion to submit your final report to the City of St. Albert Environment and Sustainability department. Specific requirements for this deliverable is available on the final report template webpage.

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