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City of St.Albert
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About the Project

Creating a vision for our future

Cultivating Our Future was a long-term visioning process for the community of St. Albert, designed to create a roadmap to a bright future. Resident input helped develop a Vision and Pillars of Sustainability that will guide the way St. Albert grows, thrives and evolves over the next 50 years. The Community Sustainability Committee led the Cultivating our Future project, with support from the City of St. Albert. The process began in December 2013 and the final Community Vision was approved by Council on June 22, 2015.  

The project is a key stage in the City’s Strategic Framework, and has provided the City with a set of strategic outcomes for the community. The City of St. Albert last held a community visioning project in 1999 as part of the Municipal Development Plan.

Cultivating Our Future - St. Albert's Community Vision & Pillars of Sustainability

With the completion of the Community Vision, Community Long-Term plans will be developed to assist in achieving the community’s strategic outcomes. These long-term plans will inform the development of Council’s strategic plan which identifies short- and mid-term priorities.

What is Community Sustainability?

Community sustainability contributes to the quality of life for each resident. It involves long-term planning and helps to balance and support all aspects of a high-quality life which include social, environmental, cultural, economic and governance elements. These five dimensions help make our City a community.

Phases of the Long-Term Visioning Project

Phase 1
Budget Approved by Council:
City Council approved the budget for the project that will be 100% grant funded. December 2013
Phase 2
Background Research Complete:
City staff has completed background research on a variety of topics including public engagement methods, other community sustainability plans, and visual representations. January to April 2014
Phase 3
Community Sustainability Committee Established:
A committee was established that includes two members of council and five residents. This group will champion the community sustainability vision and write the final version for presentation to Council. More Information About the Committee. April 2014
Phase 4
Public Engagement Phase 1:
We want to know what you think St. Albert should look and feel like in the future. A wide variety of fun and engaging techniques will be used for residents to help tell their story. Learn How To Get Involved. April to August 2014
Phase 5
Summary from Engagement Phase 1:
The Community Sustainability Committee will compile and summarize all the information. September to November 2014
Phase 6
Public Engagement Phase 2:
The information summarized by the Community Sustainability Committee will be brought back to residents to ask "Is this what you told us?" We want to ensure that we captured what we heard. Learn How To Get Involved. December 2014 to February 16, 2015
Phase 7
Committee Presents Report to Council:
The final Community Sustainability Framework was presented to and approved by Council on June 22, 2015. 

Last edited: November 25, 2016

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