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City of St.Albert

Celebrating the Vision

The Community Vision and Pillars of Sustainability are living on through the following ways: 


A book capturing the Cultivating Our Future process was created as a keepsake for the community. The book represents the thousands of community members that were involved in creating the Community Vision and Pillars of Sustainability, as well as photo submissions from residents. The book shows a timeline and snapshot of St. Albert through the ages, expressions of the vision through children's drawings and a place for people to write down their vision for St. Albert's future. 


A 50-year time capsule was also created to capture a representation of St. Albert in 2016, the year the Vision was approved and began to roll out to the community. The time capsule is part of a sculpture that belongs to the Public Art Program. The capsule will live in the lobby of St. Albert place until it is opened in the year 2066. 

How was the time capsule created?

The public art piece, including the time capsule is called Bequest. It is  made of stainless steel, elmwood and Alberta Sandstone. Sandra Bromley was the artist who created the piece. Sandra has been an active member of the Edmonton and region art scene for the past three decades.  In addition to the numerous local, national and international exhibitions, she has also created a number of notable public commissions, including The Big Rock (1995), commissioned by the City of Edmonton (co-created with Catherine Burgess), and It’s About Time (2006) a Centennial Commission for the Alberta Foundation for the Arts.

What is inside the time capsule?

There are 26 items inside the time capsule. Community members were able to submit ideas of what should go inside. The items chosen are a broad representation of the community as it was in 2016. Please see the photos below for examples of what will be found in the capsule in 2066.

How can we be sure the time capsule will live on throughout the years?

The time capsule and Community Vision will be mentioned in the St. Albert Founders Day proclamation made on or before January 14 each year. This proclamation will honor the origins of St. Albert. 

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