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What We Have Heard

More than 7,000 St. Albert residents shared their ideas for shaping a new Vision for the community during the public consultation process for Cultivating Our Future. This represents the largest engagement process in the city’s history.

This map outlines all the ways the Cultivating Our Future project team helped spread the word. 

By the time Phase 1 was complete (April to September 2014), close to 15,000 ideas had been generated around what people value about St. Albert, what they’d like to see changed and how they’d like to see the future evolve.  These ideas were organized into 12 theme areas, to help in the planning process. 

The most common feedback in Phase 1 included the high value residents place on St. Albert’s small-feel and sense of community.  Many people appreciate the green spaces and trees, as well as the cycling and walking paths and the benefits they offer for mobility and exercise.  While many expressed appreciation for municipal planning and services, a desire for improved infrastructure was common. The community input received in Phase 1 helped shape a draft Vision and Pillars of Sustainability.

You can download a What We Heard Report that highlights community feedback from Phase 1 by clicking here.  

From December 2014 to February 16, 2015, residents were encouraged to provide feedback on the draft Vision and Pillars of Sustainability to ensure they accurately reflected resident input. Information received from the community was used by the Community Sustainability Committee to refine and finalize the long-term Community Vision and Pillars. St. Albert City Council approved Cultivating Our Future - St. Albert's Community Vision on June 22, 2015. A celebration will be planned to launch the long-term Vision with the community.

You can download a What We Heard Report that highlights community feedback from Phase 2 by clicking here.

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