About the StATracker

An Overview

The City of St. Albert's online performance dashboard – StATracker - was developed as part of the City's ongoing continuous improvement initiative. The online dashboard provides residents with a collection of performance indicators in an effort to increase transparency and inform residents of the City's performance.

How Were Indicators Chosen?

At the outset of the project, all existing indicators contained within guiding documents, such as Master Plans, Long Term Department Plans and Department Business Plans, were reviewed. Municipal best practice indicators were also identified and added to this inventory.

Indicators were grouped into one of four categories (community, programs and services, finance and employees) to refine the dashboard's focus and narrow the selection of indicators.

The remaining performance indicators were reviewed against the following criteria:

  • Availability of data - The data is readily available to calculate this metric.
  • Ease of understanding - The metric is clear and will be understood by the public without additional explanation.
  • Quality of data - The data is robust and consistent. Abnormal outcomes and outliers are not present within the data set.
  • Existence of benchmark data - A benchmark for this metric has been identified from credible sources.
  • Performance History - The data is available to plot this metric over time. This metric provides a good overview of performance history.

Each criterion was assessed based on a scale and ranked. The top 20% of ranked indicators were chosen to assemble the initial draft of the dashboard. Input from the City's Senior Leadership Team (SLT) assisted in identifying the final selection of indicators.

What will change moving forward?

The performance indicators contained within StATracker will be reviewed and updated as new data becomes available. These indicators will continue to evolve as the City's performance management portfolio matures.

Last edited: January 31, 2020