StATracker FAQs

You may have a number of questions about the StATracker and its published data.

What is an indicator?

An indicator is a measurement (either quantitative or qualitative) that, tracked over time, provides information that can be used to assess some aspect of the City’s performance.

Can I download this data?

The City of St. Albert is currently leading a project around open data. The data that supports these indicators may become available once that project is completed.

How often is the dashboard updated?

The dashboard is updated every quarter, but annual and biannual numbers are updated in the first quarter the data is available.

How come some of the data points have no text associated with them?

Accompanying stories are not available for all historical data, as many of these indicators have not been reported historically. Going forward, the majority of new data points will have brief notes accompanying them identifying any interesting trends.

How did these indicators get picked for the dashboard?

These indicators were selected from a large group of potential indicators based on various factors including (but not limited to) availability of data, reliability of data, the existence of benchmark data, ease of understanding, and all-encompass ability of the indicator. See the “About” section for additional background information on this project.

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Last edited: January 31, 2020