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Effective immediately Utilities will be suspending any household wastewater sewer service Inspections, maintenance or response to reported back-ups. This also includes any Non-emergent water meter work within a home required of City personnel.

Read more on the Wastewater Services page

The City of St. Albert has two departments that manage its utilities, Utilities (which is responsible for the infrastructure) and Utility Services (which is responsible for account administration). To prevent an unfortunate delay in a response to your problem or inquiry please ensure that you're contacting the best department for addressing your issue.

Contact Utilities Services
for matters related to:

  • Account Setup
  • Billing Concerns
  • Rate Information
  • Payment Options
  • Changing Cart Sizes
  • Water Usage
  • Closing an Account

Contact Utilities
for matters related to:

  • Sewer Smells or Backups
  • Water Quality or Disruption
  • Locating Water/Sewer Lines
  • Scheduling Turn-offs
  • Issues with CC Valves
  • Manhole Concerns
  • Storm Drainage Issues

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