Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy

The provincial government requires the City to make information that it collects available to the public. The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Act governs access to one's own personal information and access to the City's general information.

Personal Information

Personal information is any recorded information about an identifiable individual including:

  • name, home or business address, home or business telephone number;
  • race, national or ethnic origin, color;
  • religious or political beliefs or associations;
  • age, sex, marital status or family status;
  • identifying number referring to the specific individual;
  • fingerprints or other biometric characteristics;
  • health and health care history;
  • educational, financial, employment or criminal history including criminal records where a pardon has been given;
  • anyone else's opinion;
  • individual's personal views or opinions, except if they are about someone else.

There is no initial fee associated with submitting a request for your own personal information. If the costs of reproducing the information exceed $10, you will be notified of the costs.

You must provide proof of your identity before records containing your personal information are released to you.

If you are requesting the personal records of another person, you must provide proof that you have authority to act for that person (e.g. guardianship or trusteeship order, power of attorney).

General Information

General information is contained in the records of the City, and includes all information that is recorded in any form by the City to conduct its programs and services. When requesting records please note that:

  • There is an initial fee of $25.
  • Please note, we can accept payment via online credit card, please submit your request to the email indicated below and once a file is opened you will be notified when payment is ready.
  • The City will provide you with an estimated cost before processing begins.
  • If the total cost of processing your request is more than $150, you will be asked to pay a 50% deposit.
  • The records are only provided when the fee is paid in full.

You may access information by completing a FOIP form and submitting it to the address below.


FOIP Request to Access Information Form

Personal Information Banks - Sorted by Information Type

Personal Information Banks - Sorted by Responsible Department

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