Who’s Running?

24 Candidates Running for Office

The official list of candidates for the 2021 Municipal Election in St. Albert has now been finalized. Those seeking public office formally declared their intentions to run and filed their nomination papers as part of Nomination Day, which was held September 20, 2021 at St. Albert Place.

A total of 24 candidates are running for the offices of St. Albert Mayor (4) and St. Albert City Councillor (20).

What’s also on the Ballot?

  • School Trustee
    The City of St. Albert has partnered with the Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools and St. Albert Public Schools to conduct their 2021 school trustee election. As such, you will notice additional spaces on your ballot dedicated to the school trustee election.
  • Senate Election & Referendum Vote
    This year, electors will vote for up to three Senate candidates. They will also provide input into two referendum questions to do with equalization and daylight saving time.

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Official Candidate List

The official list of candidates for the 2021 Municipal Election is as follows:

Candidates for Mayor

4 candidates running for 1 position

Catherine Heron (Cathy)
Website: cathyheron.com
Email: cathy@cathyheron.com

David Letourneau
Website: davidletourneau.ca
Email: daveformayor@davidletourneau.ca 

Bob Russell
Website: russell4mayor.ca
Email: robertr@telusplanet.net

Angela Wood
Website: mayorangelawood.com
Email: angela@mayorangelawood.com

Candidates for Councillor

20 candidates running for 6 positions

Shelley Biermanski
Website: shelleybiermanski.com
Email: shelley_b107@hotmail.com

Wes Brodhead
Website: wesbrodhead.ca
Email: wesbrodhead@shaw.ca

Gilbert Cantin
Website: votegilbertforstalbert.com
Email: gilbertcantin@hotmail.com

Sandy Clark
Website: clarkstalbert.ca
Email: sandy@clarkstalbert.ca

Jennifer Cote
Website: jenfort8n.ca
Email: jenFort8n@gmail.com

Mike Ferguson
Website: n/a
Email: mdoferguson@gmail.com 

Ross Guffei
Website: rossguffei.com 
Email: ross@rossguffei.com

Sheena Hughes
Website: sheenahughes.com
Email: sheena@sheenahughes.com

Kevan Donald Jess
Website: kevanjess.ca
Email: kevan.jess@telus.net

Natalie Joly
Website: nataliejolyforcouncil.com
Email: njoly@nataliejolyforcouncil.com

Rachel Jones
Website: meetracheljones.ca
Email: hello@meetracheljones.ca

Donna Kawahara
Website: donnakawahara.com
Email: donna@donnakawahara.com

Mike Killick
Website: mikekillick.ca
Email: mike@mikekillick.ca

Shawn Michel LeMay
Website: votelemay.ca 
Email: lemayinvestigations@gmail.com

Ken MacKay
Website: votekenmackay.ca
Email: kenmackay1119@gmail.com

Wally Popik
Website: n/a
Email: wpopik@telus.net

Louis Sobolewski
Website: louissobolewski.ca
Email: sobolewskiforcitycouncil@gmail.com

Isadore Peter Stoyko
Website: n/a
Email: isadores@telus.net

Joseph Trapani
Website: n/a
Email: josephtrapani58@gmail.com

Leonard Wilkins
Website: votewilkins.ca
Email: wilkins@shaw.ca


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Last edited: October 19, 2021