Expand Firehall #1 - WITHDREW


What would be the cost to expand firehall#1 with an extra bay or 2 extra bays, with the equipment and manpower included.
 Please compare to total costs for firehall #4 vs this option.  
I am looking for the total costs and breakdown for the expansion options in firehall#1 - build costs, plus staff and trucks if in an expansion vs the total costs of the new firehall, including expected land purchasing costs.
I would also like your input about if this would address the response time in south St. Albert, and some of the north response time issues (because of its easy access to St. Albert Trail) with the intention to build a firehall #4 in 6-7 years in the north end after annexation is completed.  Would this alternate solution address the current response time issues across the city?  If not, how will the city address the south St. Albert response time issues, as the location is not the sole solution to dealing with demand on the south side (looking at Grandin response times from current firehall for example.)

Asked by Sheena Hughes on November 14, 2019
Administrative Category: Emergency Services

Response from Administration

Staff are preparing a response for Council's information request. Please check back soon for those details.

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