2017 Budget

2017-2019 Business Plan + 2017 Budget

Approved Budget

Approved 2017-19 Business Plan and 2017 Budget Document

Approved 2017-19 Business Plan and 2017 Budget Overview

Proposed Budget

Proposed 2017-19 Business Plan and 2017 Budget Document

Proposed 2017-19 Business Plan and 2017 Budget Overview

Divisional Overviews

2017-19 City Manager's Office Overview

2017-19 Community and Protective Services Overview

2017-19 Corporate Services Overview

2017-19 Finance and Assessment Services Overview

Capital Projects Prioritizing Survey Summary

A telephone survey was conducted from September 7 - 18, 2016, to collect viewpoints of residents on the three proposed facilities in the City of St. Albert: a new or expansion of existing aquatic facility with lane swimming; an indoor ice arena; and a library branch. For survey results, see the link below. 

Capital Projects Prioritizing Survey - Final Report

World Cafe Discussion Summary

On September 13, 2016, the City hosted a World Cafe Discussion. Input from this activity will be provided to Council as information for their consideration during budget deliberations. 

2017 Budget -World Cafe Discussion - Summary Report

The second World Cafe will take place on November 2. This World Cafe will focus more on the proposed budget.

Preliminary Budget

  • On September 12, Council received the preliminary budget position for the City of St. Albert’s 2017-2019 Budget.
  • To see an overview: City's preliminary budget position
  • To see the full reports and attachments visit: Agendas Minutes Video Archive and select the Agenda and Minutes icon for the September 12 meeting.
  • Watch for the Proposed 2017-2019 Corporate Business Plan and Budget, which is going to Council on October 24, 2016.

Master Rates, Bylaw for Fees, Charges and Fines

On September 19, 2016, City Council amended Master Rates Bylaw 1/82, Business License Bylaw 43/2000, and Tobacco Retail Licensing Bylaw 20/96 which approves an increase in regulated fees, charges and fines for 2017. There were no adjustments for bylaw fines. The impact of all proposed fee increases will equate to additional revenue of approximately $21,900 to the Municipal Operating Budget. 

Master Rates, Bylaw for Fees, Charges and Fines - Agenda Report

RMR Capital

On June 20, 2016, Council approved the 10 Year (2017-2026) Repair, Maintain, Replace (RMR) Municipal Capital Plan and the 10 Year RMR Utility Capital Plan, for planning purposes. This authorizes Administration to begin the preparatory work relating to site planning, establishing commitments, request for proposal process, and to initiate grant applications; however, no spending will occur until the 2017 budget is approved.

For more information see the RMR Capital - Agenda Report

Budget Survey Results

The City of St. Albert is working with Bannister Research to conduct research soliciting residents’ input into Council’s 2017 priorities and feedback on the proposed business plan and budget. This research will take place in two parts: an online survey and world café discussions. The online survey took place in July 2016 and collected residents’ perspectives on priorities and opinions of services, programs and projects that the City will undertake in 2017. This information was consolidated into the following reports:

2017 Budget Survey Report (General Population)

2017 Budget Survey Report (Stakeholder)

2017 Budget Planning Survey – Topline Summary of Results

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