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City of St.Albert
2018 Budget Header Image

2018 Budget

2018-2020 Business Plan + 2018 Budget

Approved BUDGET

Approved 2018-20 Business Plan and 2018 Budget - Full Document (7.9 MB)

Approved 2018-20 Business Plan and 2018 Budget - Overview (0.5 MB) 


Proposed 2018-20 Business Plan + 2018 Budget – Full Document (12.6 MB)

Proposed 2018-20 Business Plan + 2018 Budget – Overview (0.6 MB)

City Manager Presentation Slides (2 MB)


On September 5, 2017, City Council passed Bylaw 41/2017, being a bylaw to amend Master Rates Bylaw 1/82. This bylaw adjusts the City’s municipal fees, charges and bylaws, as part of the 2018-2020 Municipal and Utility Budget Process. The adjustments are designed to reflect Council’s policy direction where applicable. The impact of the approval of the recommendation generates $162,800 in Municipal Operating Revenue and $5,100 in Utility Operating Revenue. This will provide funding for the delivery of various municipal programs and services while continuing to support the City’s user pay philosophy.

Master Rates, Bylaw for Fees, Charges and Fines - Agenda Report


On June 12, 2017, Council approved the 10 Year (2018-2027) Repair, Maintain, Replace (RMR) Municipal Capital Plan and the 10 Year RMR Utility Capital Plan, for planning purposes. This authorizes Administration to begin the preparatory work relating to site planning, establishing commitments, request for proposal process, and to initiate grant applications; however no spending will occur until the 2018 budget is approved.

For more information see the Municipal RMR Capital - Agenda Report and the Utility RMR Capital – Agenda Report 


In March, Council approved the 2018 Council Budget Calendar


The City of St. Albert Strategic Plan is developed in January of each year. This document guides Council and Administration’s corporate and financial planning efforts. Council is responsible to validate the strategic plan on an annual basis and identify priorities to Administration for the upcoming fiscal year.

2018 Council Priorities can be found within the City of St. Albert Strategic Plan

An overview of 2018 Council Priorites can be found within this Gazette Insert

Last edited: October 3, 2018

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