2019 Budget

2019-2021 Business Plan + 2019 Budget

Approved Budget

Approved 2019-21 Business Plan + Budget (Full Document)

City Council approved the 2019 Budget on December 17, 2018.

Approved 2019-21 Business Plan + Budget (Overview)

Proposed Budget

Proposed 2019-21 Business Plan + Budget (Full Document)

On October 22, 2018, the City Manager presented the Proposed 2019-21 Business Plan and 2019 Budget to Council. The reader's guide, found near the beginning of the document, provides a description of the contents of each major section and instructions on how to navigate the document electronically.

Proposed 2019-21 Business Plan + Budget (Overview)

RMR Capital

On June 25, 2018, Council approved the following recommendations:

  • That the 10 Year Municipal RMR Capital Plan, provided as an attachment to the June 25, 2018 agenda report titled “Approval of 10 Year Municipal RMR Plan”, be approved.
  • That the following postponed motion be approved: PM-02-2019 - “That the 2019 RMR Municipal Capital Budget of 34 capital RMR projects be funded in the amount of $28,302,600.”

Capital projects that have been identified as RMR are critical to sustaining current service levels, required as part of detailed lifecycle plans, and are essential for the rehabilitation of existing equipment and infrastructure.

For more information, see the approval of the 10 Year Municipal RMR Plan – Agenda Report.

Council Priorities & Corporate Business Plan

The St. Albert Council Strategic Plan (2018 to 2021) identifies what Council will focus on during its term of office. The Plan is based on the City’s existing Vision, Mission and Values, including the Pillars of Sustainability. The Plan outlines six key areas of focus and associated Strategic Priorities.

The City of St. Albert’s Senior Leadership Team has also developed a Corporate Business Plan (2018 to 2021), which outlines how Administration plans to operationalize the Council Strategic Plan and support the Council Priorities.

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