2022 Budget

Since April 2021, the City has been engaging with the community to build a greater shared understanding of the financial challenges facing the City. As the City continues to face decreasing revenues and increasing expenses, higher than historical tax increases are needed to maintain current City services. It is not possible to maintain current services with modest tax increases; change is inevitable. The City cannot continue to do things as we have in the past and remain sustainable.

In making decisions about the 2022 budget, the City will be guided by Council’s Strategic Plan and our Corporate Business Plan, our obligation to meet the needs of our most vulnerable residents, and our commitment to protect both natural and built environments. Residents and businesses will have opportunities to provide feedback throughout the budget process.

Achieving Financial Sustainability

Watch the video below for a message from our Mayor and Chief Administrative Officer. 

The City is committed to being fiscally responsible and achieving financial sustainability. This is difficult when the City is experiencing decreased revenues and increased expenses as a result of numerous external factors (i.e., slower than anticipated COVID-19 revenue recovery, reduction in capital grant funding, inflationary costs, etc.). As a result of this, the City is facing higher than historical tax increases. An initial tax requirement of 7.5 per cent would be needed to maintain current City services and service levels.   

Understanding that 7.5 per cent is not a palatable tax increase for residents, the City continued its commitment to fiscal responsibility by taking a critical look at spending and identifying opportunities to realize further cost savings in our operating budget, including costs associated with delivery of services. To achieve financial sustainability, the budget focuses on corporate budget adjustments, deferring operating business cases and proposing reductions in service levels to re-prioritize resources. This allows the City to continue to deliver those programs and services most valued by residents and businesses while minimizing tax increases.  

Proposed Municipal Property Tax Increase of 2.5%

Through continued work by Administration to incorporate cost efficiencies, corporate adjustments and service level adjustments, the City was able to reduce the initial tax requirement of 7.5 to 2.5 per cent. For 2022, Administration is proposing an operating budget of $117.1 million, which yields an overall average municipal property tax increase of 2.5 per cent. The 2.5 per cent includes our 1.5 per cent commitment to repairing, maintaining and/or replacing (RMR) funding, meaning that the general tax increase is 1 per cent. 
This upcoming budget process for the 2022 Budget will prompt difficult conversations and hard choices to ensure long-term sustainability.  View the Proposed Budget materials at the links below. 

PROPOSED 2022 Budget Information  


  • Online Budget Public Participation – November 2-23, 2021  
  • Functional Budget Presentations – Nov. 9 | 10, 2021  
  • Council Budget Deliberations – Dec. 2 | 7 | 9, 2021  
  • Council considers the Proposed Budget for Approval - Dec 20, 2021  

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