Proposed 2023 Budget Summary

Proposed Operating Budget

The 2023 proposed Operating Budget of $125.1 million results in a 4.6 per cent property tax increase. This increase relates to the City’s commitment to being fiscally responsible by reducing spending to offset declining revenues and inflationary impacts. For an average house costing $450,000, this means an increase of $175 per year. 

Blue House and Clouds

$175 (4.6%) tax increase based on the average cost ($450,000) of a St. Albert home.
Note: percentage shown has been rounded to the nearest decimal point.

The actual tax rate will not be finalized until May 2023 after the assessment roll is completed. 

Tax Dollars at Work

The Operating Budget funds services such as snow removal, trail maintenance, transit, and recreation programs for residents. The annual budget is built to maintain those services at Council approved service levels. Efforts are also made to continue to optimize service delivery to ensure community needs are met.

Proposed Distribution of Tax Dollars to Various Service Categories

For an average house valued at $450,000, the homeowner will see a $3,986 municipal property tax bill, an increase of $175 for 2023. The distribution of tax dollars to various service categories is illustrated below. 

Pie Chart of Tax Dollars Large

Excludes Provincial Education Levy, Homeland Housing Levy and utility charges.

Tree Environmental Sustainability: $29

Worker Public Works: $667

Pencil Planning & Economic Development: $59

Fire Fighter Fire Services: $584

Hands Family & Community Support Services: $79

Soccer Player Recreation & Parks: $192

Bus Transit Services: $380

Gear Engineering Services: $202

Police Police Services: $475

People Outside Agencies: $172

Art Culture Services: $104

Money Corporate Financing: $321

Badge General Government: $722

TOTAL = $3,986


Proposed Municipal Capital Budget

The Capital Budget provides for investments in infrastructure and capital assets such as constructing, buying or maintaining assets including roads, sidewalks, buildings, vehicles, equipment and land. This portion of the budget is important for critical maintenance of existing infrastructure and the future growth of our city. 

For 2023, the municipal capital plan investment by asset category is illustrated below: 

Civic Facility

Civic Facilities: $5.1M

Historic Grain Elevators

Historical/Cultural: $0.0M

Parks & Trails

Parks & Trails: $1.1M

Roads & Engineered Structures

Roads & Other Engineered Structures: $56.9M

Land & Land Improvements

Land & Land Improvements: $1.0M

Master Plan and Studies

Master Plan, Studies & Other: $1.3M

Mobile & Other Equipment

Mobile & Other Equipment: $8.7M


39 Projects
Total: $74.1M

Proposed Utility Budget

Utility Rate 

The Utility Rate funds the operating and capital costs for water, waste water, stormwater, and solid waste programs that support St. Albert’s ability to provide clean, safe drinking water to its residents, as well as protect the natural environment through waste water treatment, stormwater and solid waste management. 

Green House and Clouds

$5.23 (3.8%) rate increase based on the typical monthly household utility bill ($144.24).

Proposed Distribution of Utility Bill

The proposed typical monthly bill for 2023 is $144.24, an increase of 3.8 per cent from the prior year. The allocations of monthly rates are as follows: 

Toilet Waste Water: $46.89

Fire Hydrant Water: $43.35

Stormwater Grate Stormwater: $20.92

Waste Bin Solid Waste: $33.08

Money Total: $144.24

Utilities Pie Chart

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Last edited: December 20, 2022