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City of St.Albert

City Council Expense Claims

City Council policy C-CC-03 outlines the process for Council member’s expense reimbursement.

Council members are encouraged to submit monthly expense claims that are posted on a quarterly basis. Administration posts the quarterly expense claims when they have been processed, with a deadline of the 15th of the month following the end of the quarter.  If there is an expense claim not posted in the quarter, one of the following may apply:

  • The claim has not yet been submitted by the Councillor; or
  • The claim is currently within the approval process and will be posted upon completion of the reviews; or
  • There are no expenses being claimed for that month.

The City Manager's expense claims are also available for review


Mayor Cathy Heron

Councillor Wes Brodhead

Councillor Jacquie Hansen

Councillor Sheena Hughes

Councillor Natalie Joly

Councillor Ken MacKay

Councillor Ray Watkins

2017 Council

New Councillors, Q4 Expenses

Mayor Nolan Crouse

Councillor Wes Brodhead

Councillor Cathy Heron

Councillor Sheena Hughes

Councillor Cam MacKay

Councillor Tim Osborne

Councillor Bob Russell

Last edited: December 4, 2018

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