Municipal Stimulus Program (MSP) & Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP) Grant Applications


Council vote: Carried on September 28, 2020

Motion Text

That the following Postponed motion be approved:
That project charter RECR-070 Fowler Athletic Park Refurbishment, provided as an attachment to the September 28, 2020 agenda report titled “Municipal Stimulus Program & Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program Grant Applications” budget be increased from $250,000 to $2,870,000 to allow for the entire project to be completed in 2021 to align with the requirements of the ICIP-COVID-19 resiliency stream grant criteria.
That the 20% municipal contribution required as part of the ICIP - COVID-19 Resiliency Stream program guidelines, of $574,000 be fulfilled by the current $250,000 already approved for this project with the additional $324,000 funded from the capital reserve.

That by September 30, 2020 the City provide notice to the Province of Alberta of our intent to transfer $10,915,868.31 of grants previously allocated under the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP) - Transit Stream to the new COVID-19 Resiliency Stream and submit the following projects for approval:
a. RECR-049 Neighborhood Park Development 
b. ENGS-Active Transportation Plan 
c. FIRE-027 Emergency Operations Center 
d. RECR-070 Fowler Athletic Park Refurbishment 
e. PW-031 Municipal Facilities - Repairs & Renewal (Servus Place Roofing) $1,300,000 
f. RECR-071 Larose Park Court Refurbishment 
g. Kingsmeade Park 
h. SERV-001 Servus Lifecycle Replacement Program 
i.  RECR-003 City Sportsfield Rehabilitation Program  

That any residual municipal allocation uncommitted through this process is transferred to the Transit Lifecycle reserve or be otherwise committed to future transit requirements.

Moved by Natalie Joly on September 23, 2020
Administrative Category: Corporate Financing
Budget reference: Municipal Capital

Administrative Backgrounder

City staff are preparing a response for Council's information request. Please check back soon for those details.

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