Advocacy Initiatives

Council Advocacy Priorities 2023-24

On September 5, 2023, St. Albert City Council approved their 2023-24 advocacy priorities Council Advocacy Priorities 2023-24

What is Advocacy?

Advocacy is the process through which we work to advance our interests. At the City of St. Albert, advocacy priorities are projects that require assistance or decisions outside of the City of St. Albert’s direct control – they involve partnerships, funding and policy development from other levels of government and non-government stakeholders.

St. Albert City Council reviews and updates advocacy initiatives annually to ensure they reflect the most current needs and priorities of the community and to ensure resources are being directed to the appropriate areas. 

There are various stages that a project moves through between inception and completion. The needs of the project change throughout its lifecycle based on constantly changing environmental factors.

Advocacy is only one part of a successful project. Advocacy is sometimes needed at various points of a project’s lifecycle, not just at the beginning. Projects are monitored, and advocacy can resume at any point if it becomes necessary to keep the project moving forward.

The City of St. Albert has had many successful advocacy initiatives in recent history, including:

  • Cost-Sharing Agreement with the Government of Alberta to Twin Ray Gibbon Drive
  • Completion of an Uncontested Annexation Agreement with Sturgeon County 
  • Establishment of the Edmonton Metropolitan Transit Services Commission (EMTSC) by Ministerial Order 
  • Creation of Intermunicipal Collaboration Frameworks with the City of Edmonton and the Town of Morinville
  • Advertisement and Promotion of Vaping Products to Youth (Bill 19: Tobacco and Smoking Reduction Act)
  • Consumption of Liquor and Cannabis in Public Spaces (Bill 2: Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Amendment Act) 

Intermunicipal Collaboration Frameworks

The City of St. Albert is also committed to taking a regional approach on topics of importance to municipalities. This commitment includes reaching Intermunicipal Collaboration Frameworks (ICFs) with our neighbouring municipalities and other municipalities in the region. The City has completed two agreements with the City of Edmonton and the Town of Morinville.

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Last edited: September 5, 2023