Arts Development Advisory Committee

The Arts Development Advisory Committee will make recommendations and provide advice on the development of policies for the City of St. Albert which support the development of the Arts and Artists which may include:

  • Objectives for the development and support of Artists and Arts organizations through grant and recognition programs;
  • Objectives for Public Art including collection accession and deaccession, conservation and maintenance, and use and access plans; and,
    • Mechanisms for ongoing public participation and feedback on policies and programs, including juror recruitment, for grant and recognition programs and Public Art; 
  • Make recommendations to Council on the allocation of funds from the applicable operating and capital budgets and reserves including Public Art (C-CS-04), Lieutenant Governor Distinguished Young Artists Legacy Program (C-CS-10), and the Cultural Wall of Fame (C-CS-15);
  • Act as adjudicators for assessing and approving grant applications;
  • Provide input and recommendations to administration and Council to ensure that the Arts and Arts development are considered as integral components of City strategic and business plans; and
  • Approve potential jurors, with preference given to St. Albert residents;
  • Report to Council once per year regarding:
    • The activities undertaken by the Committee during that year; and
    • Details on how funds for Arts development and Public Art have been used during that year

Arts Development Advisory Committee Members 2022

  • Shelley Biermanski, Council Representative
  • Wes Brodhead, Alternate Council Representative
  • Emily Baker, citizen member
  • Paul Henley, citizen member
  • Sandra Johnston, citizen member
  • Rachel Jones, citizen member
  • Lynn King, citizen member
  • Dana Koroluk, citizen member
  • Jody Swanson, citizen member
  • Gwen Wilkinson, citizen member
  • Maureen Tigner-Morison, citizen member

ADAC Agendas and Minutes

Please visit the Agendas, Minutes and Videos webpage to view 2021 + agendas and minutes for this Committee


Last edited: January 31, 2022