Councillor Appointments to Committees

The following are the appointments of members of Council to Council Committees for 2020/2021 as determined by the nominating committee:

Alberta Capital Region Wastewater Commission Board of Directors  (Four Year Term)

Councillor MacKay, Alternate N/A

Arts Development Advisory Committee

Councillor Joly, Alternate Councillor Brodhead

Community Services Advisory Committee

Councillor Hughes, Alternate Councillor MacKay

COVID-19 Recovery Task Force

Mayor Heron, Councillor Hansen and Councillor MacKay

Edmonton Global (Alternate to Mayor)

Mayor Heron, Alternate Councillor Hansen 

Edmonton Metropolitan Regional Board (Alternate to Mayor)

Mayor Heron, Alternate Councillor MacKay and Councillor Watkins

Edmonton Metropolitan Regional Board: Audit & Finance Committee

Councillor Brodhead, Alternate Mayor Heron

Edmonton Metropolitan Regional Servicing Plan Standing Committee ("MRSPSC")

Councillor MacKay, Alternate Mayor Heron

Edmonton Metropolitan Regional Board: Shared Investment for Shared Benefit

Mayor Heron, Alternate Councillor Brodhead

Edmonton Metropolitan Transit Services Commission (effective date: Dec 21, 2020)

Councillor Brodhead, Alternate N/A

Edmonton Salutes Committee

Councillor Brodhead, Alternate N/A

Edmonton Waste Minimization Advisory Committee

Councillor MacKay, Alternate Councillor Watkins

Emergency Management Advisory Committee

Mayor Heron, Councillor Joly and Councillor MacKay

Environmental Advisory Committee

Councillor Hansen; Alternate N/A

Homeland Housing (Two Year Term)

Councillor Joly; Alternate N/A

Inter-City Forum on Social Policy

Councillor Hansen; Alternate N/A

Internal Auditor & Internal Audit Steering Committee

Mayor Heron, Councillor Brodhead and Councillor Hughes

Policing Committee (Two Year Term)

Councillor Mackay; Alternate Mayor Heron

Quasi-Judicial Standing Committee

Councillor Brodhead and Councillor Watkins

Recreation Cost Sharing Negotiating Committee with Sturgeon County

Mayor Heron, Councillor Hughes and Councillor MacKay

Seniors' Advisory Committee

Councillor Watkins; Alternate N/A

St. Albert - Sturgeon County Intermunicipal Affairs Committee

All members of Council

Sturgeon River Watershed Alliance

Councillor Hansen; Alternate N/A

Youth Advisory Committee

Councillor Watkins; Alternate Councillor MacKay

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Last edited: February 2, 2021