Heritage Advisory Committee

Meetings take place monthly on the second Tuesday at 6:00 p.m.

As outlined in Bylaw 43/2017, the committee shall:

  • provide recommendations to Council on the maintenance and growth of the community's Places of Interest List and Heritage Inventory;
  • regularly review the City's Municipal Historic Conservation Program and provide recommended updates and alterations to the program to Administration;
  • make recommendations to Council on all applications for Designation as a Municipal Historic Resource;
  • review any application by a Municipal Heritage Resource owner to alter, disturb, or destroy the Historic Place and provide comments to Administration;
  • evaluate all financial and non-financial applications from heritage resource owners and make recommendations about them to Council;
  • develop materials and communications to educate the public about the benefits that heritage conservation and Designation brings to the community as well as to owners; and
  • report to Council at least once per year regarding:
    • the Committee's progress in reference to its mandate;
    • issues of significance to the Heritage Advisory Committee, and the Committee's annual priorities and goals.

Heritage Advisory Committee Members

  • Jacquie Hansen, Council representative
  • Ray Watkins, Alternate Council representative
  • Grant Clarke, Chair, citizen member
  • Denis Perreaux, Vice-Chair, citizen member
  • Valerie Knaga, citizen member
  • Jody Swanson, citizen member
  • Brad Smid, citizen member
  • Ann Ramsden, citizen member

Agendas and Minutes


Please visit the Agendas, Minutes, and Videos webpage to view recent agendas and minutes for this Committee.


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Last edited: February 26, 2020