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City of St.Albert

Seniors’ Advisory Committee

The Seniors Advisory Committee Outreach Team will be popping up at different locations throughout the city in August and September. SAC is conducting a survey and wants to engage with residents 50+ on issues that seniors are facing in our community. To find out where we will be, visit the Public Participation Calendar.

The Senior’s Advisory Committee (Bylaw 26/2018) shall:

  • Through a senior’s lens, review and provide input into policy and other City initiatives as requested by Council or Administration;
  • Upon direction from Council, prepare work or reports on matters that impact seniors;
  • Provide recommendations for Council’s consideration on issues or initiatives that would support the well-being of seniors;
  • Inform Council of initiatives of other levels of government or community trends that could affect seniors;
  • Develop and maintain relationships with individuals and organizations that focus on seniors’ matters, as required within the scope of the committee;
  • Solicit feedback from seniors in the community when the topic is in the scope of the committee mandate or at the direction of Council; and
  • Report to Council at least once per year regarding:
  • The Committee's progress relative to its mandate;
  • Issues of significance to the Seniors’ Advisory Committee, and;
  • The Committee's annual priorities and goals.
  • The Committee may form sub-committees to manage specific issues referred to that sub-committee by the Committee.


  • Ray Watkins, Council representative
  • Jacquie Hansen, Alternate Council represenative
  • Dawne Fowler, citizen member
  • Joanne Baxter, citizen member
  • Richard Tansey (VC), citizen member
  • Ruby Olson, citizen member
  • Barbara Hahn, citizen member
  • Sandyne Beach McCutcheon, citizen member
  • Elizabeth Hurley, citizen member
  • Valerie Spink, citizen member
  • Jeff Saunders, citizen member
  • Valerie Ganske (C), citizen member

Agendas & Minutes


Please visit the Agendas, Minutes and Videos webpage to view the 2019 agendas and minutes for this Committee.

Last edited: September 5, 2019

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