Youth Advisory Committee

The Council meets monthly on the first Wednesday at 6:30 p.m.

The Youth Advisory Committee (Bylaw 26-2017) shall:

  • research and provide input into policy proposals for Council’s consideration, in reference to matters that impact youth in the community;
  • receive and act on direction from Council on youth matters;
  • develop and maintain relationships with individuals and organizations that focus on youth matters;
  • solicit feedback from youth in the community when appropriate at their discretion or at the direction of Council;
  • advise Council on initiatives that support the well-being of youth;
  • provide a way for youth to experience city governance, procedures and policymaking
  • consult with City Administration and other organizations supporting youth initiatives and other municipalities;
  • inform Council of initiatives of other levels of government that could affect youth and where appropriate advocate directly to those levels of government; and
  • report to Council at least once per year regarding:
    • the Committee’s progress in reference to its mandate;
    • issues of significance to the Youth Council, and;
    • the Committee’s annual priorities and goals.

Committee Members

  • Ray Watkins, Council Representative
  • Jacquie Hansen, Alternate Council Representative
  • Kyle Ferguson, Chair, Citizen Member
  • Christopher Hajek, Vice-Chair, Citizen Member
  • Leo Brooks, Citizen Member
  • Conmeju Fregene, Citizen Member
  • Liam Kachkar, Citizen Member
  • Kennedy Love, Citizen Member
  • Sofia Larinenko, Citizen Member
  • Mathew Jackson, Citizen Member
  • Katherine Melancon, Citizen Member
  • Teigan Harvey, Citizen Member
  • Jeremy Rushton, Citizen Member
  • Racheal Fitzner, Citizen Member

Agendas and Minutes

2019 +

Please visit the Agendas, Minutes and Videos webpage to view 2019 + agendas and minutes for this Committee


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Last edited: March 18, 2020