Youth Advisory Committee

The City of St Albert Youth Advisory Committee provides input to City Council from the unique perspective of youth aged 14-24. Meetings are currently held on the first Wednesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. through Zoom.

Feedback Requested! 

If you’re a youth from St. Albert, the committee would like to hear from you. Share your feedback today on what is working and what areas may need improvement. 

The Youth Advisory Committee (Bylaw 26-2016) shall:

  • research and provide input into policy proposals for Council’s consideration, in reference to matters that impact youth in the community;
  • receive and act on direction from Council on youth matters;
  • develop and maintain relationships with individuals and organizations that focus on youth matters;
  • solicit feedback from youth in the community when appropriate at their discretion or at the direction of Council;
  • advise Council on initiatives that support the well-being of youth;
  • provide a way for youth to experience city governance, procedures and policymaking
  • consult with City Administration and other organizations supporting youth initiatives and other municipalities;
  • inform Council of initiatives of other levels of government that could affect youth and where appropriate advocate directly to those levels of government; and
  • report to Council at least once per year regarding:
    • the Committee’s progress in reference to its mandate;
    • issues of significance to the Youth Council, and;
    • the Committee’s annual priorities and goals.

Youth Advisory Committee Members 2022

  • Natalie Joly, Council Representative
  • Wes Brodhead, Alternate Council Representative
  • Declan Cayanga, Citizen Member
  • Rylan Cayanga, Citizen Member
  • Gillian Janke, Citizen Member
  • Stuti Mankotia, Citizen Member
  • Claire Love, Citizen Member
  • Maakor Okai, Citizen Member
  • Reid Pidsadowski, Citizen Member
  • Thomas Stephens, Citizen Member
  • Isabella Yue, Citizen Member
  • Nathan Yue, Citizen Member

Agendas and Minutes

2019 +

Please visit the Agendas, Minutes and Videos webpage to view 2019 + agendas and minutes for this Committee


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