Deputy Mayor Roster

As per Procedure Bylaw 35/2009:

Annually at the City Council Organizational Meeting, Council shall establish the Deputy Mayor roster for a two-month period on a rotating basis.

The following roster was established at the City Council Organizational Meeting held on October 30, 2017:

Year Months Deputy Mayor
2019 November & December Councillor Sheena Hughes
2020 January & February Councillor Ray Watkins
2020 March & April Councillor Wes Brodhead
2020 May & June Councillor Natalie Joly
2020 July & August Councillor Ken MacKay
2020 September & October Councillor Jacquie Hansen

Relevant passages from the Bylaw:

9.1 - Unless otherwise determined by council, during the twelve-month period following the organizational meeting, each member of council shall serve as deputy mayor for a two-month period, as assigned to that member of council at the organizational meeting.

9.2 - The deputy mayor shall chair council meetings when the mayor is absent or unable to act as mayor and shall have all the powers and responsibilities of the mayor under this bylaw during the absence or incapacity of the mayor.

9.3 - The deputy mayor may chair meetings of committee of the whole when delegated by the mayor.

9.4 - In the absence or inability of the mayor and deputy mayor to act, the next member of council scheduled to be deputy mayor on the roster shall chair council meetings and shall have all the powers and responsibilities of the mayor under this bylaw.

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Last edited: September 10, 2020