Councillor Mike Killick

Mike Killick and his wife Pat, have been residents of St. Albert since 1990. In October 2021, he was honoured to be elected by the residents of St. Albert to represent them as one of their City Councillors. 

They have raised their two children here in St. Albert, he has participated in and experienced the benefits of our great schools, diverse sports and many community events. He is very fortunate to have his daughter living in St. Albert raising two grandchildren here, his son lives in Vancouver. 

He is retired from senior leadership roles in the telecom industry where he gained valuable experience in the project management and successful delivery of large complex projects, teamwork, and financial management.

As a resident he has been actively involved in local politics and is now proud to serve on Council prioritizing transparency, respect for residents, businesses, and tax dollars.

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Last edited: November 8, 2021