Office of the Integrity Commissioner

Citizens expect members of St. Albert Council to meet the highest standards of conduct when carrying out their public functions. This means serving the public in an honest, transparent and professional manner, acting with integrity, and avoiding conflicts of interest and improper use of influence.

Council Code of Conduct

Bylaw 38/2017 Council Code of Conduct establishes and promotes an ethical code of conduct of Council and sets out the functions and responsibilities of the Integrity Commissioner with respect to receiving, reviewing, investigating and adjudicating complaints based on s. 70 - Formal Complaint Procedure.

Integrity Commissioner Role

Bylaw 45/2017 Integrity Commissioner establishes the position of Integrity Commissioner. Complaints about Council Members’ conduct will be received and reviewed by the Integrity Commissioner who, in the Integrity Commissioner’s sole discretion, will decide how or whether such complaints should be pursued. Options for the Integrity Commissioner on receiving a complaint about a Council Member’s conduct will include dismissing the complaint, further investigation of the complaint, and adjudicating the complaint. The Integrity Commissioner will make recommendations to Council on the appropriate consequence or sanction for improper conduct by a Council Member. The Integrity Commissioner will not consider complaints about City Administration or the City Auditor.

The Integrity Commissioner will keep the name and contact information of complainants confidential.

Integrity Commissioner Biography

Shari-Anne Doolaege, MPA, Q.Med, Q.Arb, CLGM
President, SAGE Analytics Inc. 

Shari-Anne Doolaege brings over 20 years of municipal experience and a wealth of education to the Integrity Commissioner position for the City of St. Albert. She has held several municipal management positions and is the president of an Edmonton-based municipal consulting company, SAGE Analytics Inc. Her work has a strong governance focus where she has held several provincial appointments as a municipal inspector. She has authored various governance articles and provides governance training.

The responsibilities of the St. Albert Integrity Commissioner appointment are consistent with past project engagements and the expertise of Ms. Doolaege and her SAGE team, where they dealt with complex issues and various dynamics that impact municipal councils. Ms. Doolaege’s work as an independent consultant frequently involves investigating conflicts and evaluating the conduct of municipal officials. She understands the sensitive nature of her work and the importance of formally investigating complaints and allegations as part of the public accountability process.   

“I am honoured to be appointed as the Integrity Commissioner for the City of St. Albert, Alberta. This is an important role with the authority to investigate and uphold the accountability of public officials.” 
- Shari-Anne Doolaege, President, SAGE Analytics Inc

How to Make a Complaint

Do you have a complaint about the conduct of an elected official? Individuals who wish to make a formal complaint should contact:

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